Quick Advisory: Email and site difficulties due to illegal domain seizures

After checking with several contacts, I have found out that most emails to/from here are not going through. This is due to the illegal seizure of the domain “mooo.com” by the Department of Homeland Security. Due to the way mail servers are configured here, this illegal seizure resulted in a number of problems between last Friday and most of Tuesday.

Allow me to state for the record; while this site DOES host a domain with mooo.com – tauren.goes.mooo.com – it does NOT host any of the alleged material, I have NOT been contacted by law enforcement, and I HAVE filed a civil rights complaint. If you have any doubt as to the legitimacy of email or pages served by tauren.goes.mooo.com, you can verify by comparing the IP address to that of this site; they should match as I do not use a CDN for either.

You can read more about the DHS’ abusive and overreaching seizure of all 84,000 host names within mooo.com here.

Apologies for any difficulties.

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