HDS Bloggers Day – The Prefix? Prelude? The Start.

So everyone’s probably going “wait wait wait, Phil writes a ton, why has he not posted anything yet?!” And of course a reminder; Hitachi Data Systems was kind enough to invite me out and pay for airfare, accommodations, food, and #storagebeers. Thus the following disclaimer; yes the next week or so is going to be a bunch of HDS talk. I have not gone over to the HDS side; I’m still “give me what works,” don’t worry.

Well, I made three very painful mistakes. One, I decided against replacing a laptop that shortly before a major event, and mine decided to be problematic. Two, I forgot to bring an ethernet cable for the first time in 11 years. Three, #Storagebeers and #Storagetequila means being at bars and not writing.

But a fourth issue came up, which definitely wasn’t a mistake. And you’re going to hear about this from me a lot in the coming days as I put posts together. That issue? Information Overload. To say #HDSday was full of useful and in depth information about Hitachi Data Systems’ products would be akin to calling the ocean “kinda damp.” It was a downpour of juicy bits about everything from HDS’ software through USP-V and some things we can’t talk about just quite yet. So let me go ahead and save us all a bit of time here and walk you through what you should expect to see from me over the coming days. Caution, order not assured.

  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – Funny Feedback; wherein we discuss all the laughs and all the conversations we had regarding social media, Twitter, interfacing with customers, and marketing.
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – We Totally Should Virtualize That!; wherein I will be mostly drooling over USP-V and goodies associated with it. And then putting it into the grand context of storage virtualization.
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – Yes, Hitachi Makes That. No, seriously.; wherein I will embark on the sharing of my thoughts on Hitachi’s superhypermegaconglomerate nature, and what sort of effect that has or doesn’t have on HDS’ products.
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – I can’t tell you all about this one yet, because I have to set it up with @carlig and make sure that the folks I’d like to involve are okay with it first.
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – Off To The Races; wherein I talk about Hitachi’s current/latest offerings, and set up some competitive comparisons of my own from the “don’t have time to learn every little detail of everybody else’s storage and I don’t use every feature” perspective. But I can’t post this one until after…
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – “I Can’t Tell You About This. Yet.”; You’re just imagining this post. Honest.
  • HDS Geek Day 0.9 – I Haven’t Come Up With Witty Titles For All This Additional Stuff I Want To Talk About Yet. This May Take A While! (Or just hit me on Twitter – I’m still @rootwyrm)

Now, what can you look forward to as part of this? Many people at HDS were exceptionally kind and we had some wonderful conversations, and I’ll be attempting to get some good quotes for you all straight from the source. I already told you some of the names who were there, and I won’t be doing a rehash of who’s who, because honestly? They do a much better job of it themselves.

In the meantime, I’d ask you to avail yourself of the absolutely wonderful Devang Panchigar over at StorageNerve.com – his liveblogs from #HDSday can be found here, here, here, and here – in order, of course. You’ll also want to tune in to next week’s InfoSmack #55 which features the one and only Hu Yoshida. (For that matter, just listen to InfoSmack period, okay?)

Plus, I’d like very much to welcome the latest folks to join our Twitter madhouse from Hitachi Data Systems and I’m going to come right out and tell you – if you’re evaluating storage in the future, or you have questions about HDS, you need to follow these people. Believe it or not, they really are more than happy to help you understand the products:

  • Michael Hay – @mihay42 – Mike makes things happen. What things? I think just about everything!
  • Mary Anne Gallo – @maryanngt – Hitachi Corporate Communications! 🙂
  • Roberto Basilio – @rb_HDS – Got questions? Roberto knows the answer, or knows who has it!
  • Michael Heffernan – @virtualheff – The Heff is the go-to guy for Virtualization. (Not to be confused with The Hoff)
  • Miki Sandorfi – @mikisandorfi – Yes, Hitachi does cloud! And Miki is the man making it happen.
  • Hu Yoshida – … sadly could not be talked into joining us. He just doesn’t have enough time to Twitter. (Someday you will, Hu, and we’ll be ready for you! 😉
  • Or you can just click this link to get everyone at HDS who is on Twitter as of today!

So once again, a huge thanks to everyone at Hitachi for a great event and a wonderful time. I was humbled to be invited, honored to attend, and hope we get to do it again sometime soon. I learned way more than I expected I would, and I’m really looking forward to getting to writing about it!

But for now, I had a nightmare flight out on Monday (7 hours turned into 15) and I’m finally registering the jetlag, two nights of #storagebeers, and conversations today that were wonderfully energetic and engaging. In other words, sleep is demanded, whether or not I like it.

Stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. Storagenerve

    Hi Phil, good post covering quite a bit. And thanks for the shout out….keep the great community work going…